3 hacks for boosting ‘work from home’ productivity

I have 2 young boys aged 3 and 7.  My wife has a full time job.  Working productively from home has been a challenge for both of us.  It’s taken us a couple of weeks to get into a rhythm that includes managing the housework and keeping the kids engaged.

Work productivity has tangibly gone down. I struggled with this but finally accepted that I’m not going to have the same level of output during the COVID-19 lockdown phase.

But just because I can’t be as productive as before, doesn’t mean I can’t achieve something meaningful during this period.

Here are 3 hacks I’ve implemented to make sure I achieve something meaningful during the lockdown.

  1. Pick 1-3 Most Important Tasks (‘MITs’) for the day and work on those before everything else.   Make sure to keep this list to 3 or less. 
  2. For 1 hour a day work with your phone on airplane mode and no other distractions (preferably when kids are asleep).  This is your ‘Focus Hour’.
  3. Less is more. For more impact, scale down your goals if possible. Direct your focus hour and 3 daily MITs towards a maximum of one or two big goals or projects. Park some of your goals or projects for later. 

Now combine the above 3 hacks:

  • Pick just 1-2 important projects or work areas
  • Pick 1-3 daily MITs from these 1-2 important projects
  • And work on just these 3 MITs during your ‘Focus Hour

Do this for a week and you just may end up getting more meaningful work done than in a regular week at the office.

Up Your Productivity Game.

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