Powerful Productivity Habits
for entrepreneurs, nerds and creatives

15 Habits of Highly Productive Entrepreneurs

In this book I share how I get twice as much done in half the time, so I can finally spend quality time with my family, while my business continues to grow.

This ebook outlines 15 Powerful Productivity Habits across a 4-Phase workflow.  We cover how to:

  • Capture ‘all’ tasks and commitments 
  • Organise your work and stay on top of your projects
  • Prioritise high impact work with powerful frameworks
  • Strategise for execution and finally finish those projects!
  • Create focus, so you can unlock your creative potential.

Hi, I’m Nishant Kapoor

Nishant Kapoor

I’m a former corporate finance professional turned ecommerce entrepreneur.

I have been obsessed with productivity ever since I took my first entrepreneurial plunge.

On this site I share productivity ideas, tools and hacks, with a focus on what works for entrepreneurs. 

I consult for consumer companies, helping them grow faster with direct to consumer ecommerce and digital marketing.

You can also find me on Twitter and Linkedin.

Achieve more in less time!

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming in today’s fast and complex environment.
It is increasingly difficult to achieve meaningful results and live a balanced life.

Nerd Productivity is for entrepreneurs, nerds and creatives who want to better manage all the competing priorities in their life.

It’s for those who want it all – to succeed as entrepreneurs and yet have time for friends and family, staying healthy and keep learning and growing.

Blog Posts

Overwhelmed and Overworked?

Overwhelmed and Overworked

Do you feel you’re falling behind on your goals, your family and friends, your fitness?

Are you struggling to be productive and manage all the competing priorities in your life?

Do you feel anxious looking at your mountain of unanswered emails and incomplete to do lists?

Are you working more and achieving less?

Do you feel like 24 hours in a day are simply not enough?

Productivity Hacks

Nerd Productivity is about managing the overwhelm and overwork that comes with the entrepreneurial life.

It’s about cutting through the clutter, tuning out the noise and getting the right things done. Consistently.

It’s about managing energy and reclaiming focus, so despite all the competing priorities, you can still move forward towards your life goals.

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