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About Nish

Hi there, I'm Nishant, chief productivity nerd

How do we get more done in less time? This question has spawned an entire industry, fondly known amongst us productivity nerds, as productivity p0rn.

Victims are helpless people like you and me, entrepreneurs and want-repreneurs who want to be successful, but on their terms and on their own time.

I was an early victim of productivity p0rn. It all began in 2008 when I joined my first startup. Coming from a relatively sane analytics/ research job at a global internet company, and fresh off an international MBA, I was eager to dig my teeth into execution. Pretty soon it all started to unravel.

The transition from a steady corporate job to entrepreneurship came as a bit of a shock.

I was used to a structured day where I did a couple of pieces of research or analysis, interspersed with a few meetings. Now I had hundreds of things needing my attention at the same time.

My to do list exploded. In addition to the income-generating work of making and selling our service, I had to take on all of the administrative work that comes with having your own business. Within the first 2-3 weeks into my entrepreneurial career, there were hundreds of big and little tasks that needed to get done.

This set me on a journey of figuring out how to get things done.

I read all the books and articles I could find on how to be more productive, effective and eventually more successful. I tried all the tricks, most of the tools and apps, and over the years developed a framework and workflow that works for me.

I now consult for consumer product companies, helping them grow faster with ecommerce and digital marketing.