Nerd Productivity

The Nerd Productivity System

Introducing the Nerd Productivity System

All of us struggle with an overflow of information via chat, social media and email while our to-do lists explode.

The Nerd Productivity System will take your overwhelming to-do lists, incomplete projects and anxiety-inducing open loops and set them up in a system you can trust to help you achieve your goals faster.

Organize and maintain your most important projects while becoming 2-5x more productive

Focus and get work done without losing sight of your ultimate goals

Stop feeling guilty about taking personal time for yourself or your family

Is overwhelm stopping you from achieving your goals?

Maybe you’ve tried to apply many productivity techniques and hacks but haven’t been able to do it consistently.
Maybe you’ve started out with new productivity apps or systems with enthusiasm but they turned out to be impractical and hard to sustain over the long-term.
And now your tasks and commitments are captured all over the place – notebooks, to-do apps, reminders, your calendar and even your head!
And the only way you manage to get more work done is by working longer hours!

The Nerd Productivity System...

  • makes it easy to organise and maintain your most complex projects
  • lets you handle a high volume of tasks across your personal and professional life.
  • won’t let anything slip through the cracks, and at the same time won’t overwhelm you.
  • has guilt-free procrastination built into its design.
  • helps you focus and get important work done without losing sight of the mundane stuff that also needs to get done!
  • helps you get rid of that nagging feeling that you should be working on something else
  • can make you 2-5X more productive while spending less hours working

The weeks, months and years are flying by... are you closer to achieving your goals?

The Clock Is Ticking

Stop the overwhelm. Supercharge your productivity.

Reclaim your Time & Sanity

The Nerd Productivity System will help you get your anxiety and overwhelm under control, creating time and space for the deep, creative and satisfying work that will move you towards your goals.

Especially for those who have multiple commitments such as a family, building a side business or supporting charitable projects, this system will help you reclaim your time, sanity and focus, and multiply your output.

Accelerate your Success

A battle-tested system trusted by CEO's and Top Executives

The Nerd Productivity System is a tried-and-tested, easy-to-maintain system for those who want to make a real, lasting improvement to their lives.

Timeless concepts from the World’s best Management Thinkers and Productivity Experts such as Peter F. Drucker, David Allen, Tim Ferriss, Cal Newport and Michael Hyatt have been tested and distilled into a practical framework that you can easily implement into your day to day life!

You will learn how to:

Manage the constant stream of incoming information, tasks and requests
Reduce overwhelm and anxiety and stay on top of your goals and projects
Figure out truly important, high impact, strategic work with powerful mental models
Get Shit Done and supercharge your productivity
Spend guilt free time with your friends and family and achieve your goals faster at the same time!

Course Content

A fail-proof productivity system to manage your entire life, multiply your productivity, and achieve your goals faster.

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A Journey from overwhelm to effectiveness

A productivity journey in 3 phases from overwhelm to efficiency to effectiveness.

Understand the true meaning of productivity and assess your current level.


Get it all out of your head!

Get closure on all the open loops in your head and reclaim your sanity.

Learn how to manage the constant inflow of tasks, requests and commitments


Reclaim your Mind – The Brain Dump

Setup an effortless capture system so nothing slips through the cracks

Reclaim your sanity and reduce overwhelm with filters and blocks.


Go From Chaos to Clarity

Face your Demons – Review all your open loops, projects and commitment.

Learn how to ‘not’ let your inbox run your life and what to do instead.


A place for everything and everything in its place!

Simplify your life by organising your tasks across projects, days, weeks and months

Get rid of overwhelm, anxiety and that nagging feeling that you should be working on something else


Figure out what’s truly important

Prioritise important, high impact work with 10 powerful frameworks

Learn Mental Models to help you zoom in on your highest leverage tasks


How does Elon Musk do it?

Learn how Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey manage multiple multi billion dollar companies

Use a template to get a top down view of your work week and allocate time to your top priorities


Stay on top of literally everything in your life!

Learn a quick routine to make sure you can stay on top of all your tasks and projects

Learn how to apply simple agile methodology to managing all your tasks


Get shit done!

Learn Powerful Execution concepts to get twice the work done in half the time

Leverage time consolidation, batching and single tasking to multiply your output


Set up your foolproof productivity system

Setup recommended Apps, Integrations and Automations to ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Learn app settings to optimise your productivity and minimise distractions and overwhelm


Supercharge your productivity

Learn how to leverage the 3 currencies of productivity – Time, Energy and Attention

Learn how to get into the habit of getting into flow and multiply your output and quality of work

The Clock Is Ticking

Stop the overwhelm. Supercharge your productivity.