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Workshop: Powerful Productivity Habits for Busy Executives

We live in an engaging but highly distracting digital world. We struggle with an overflow of information via chat, social media and email. We spend hours every week on tiny, mundane tasks that never really add to our lives.

For senior executives especially, it has never been more important to learn how to be productive and effective in the face of the information overload, anxiety and uncertainty of today’s complex environment.

This workshop is for busy executives who want to effectively manage all the competing priorities in their life. It’s for those who want it all – to succeed in their career, spend quality time with friends and family, stay fit and keep learning and growing.

In this workshop Nishant shares a collection of frameworks, hacks and digital tools that can bring clarity and focus for senior executives and help boost their productive output.

Nishant will share how he’s learnt to work smarter and get twice as much done in half the time, to finally spend quality time with his family, whilst his business has continued to grow.

The workshop will cover how to get important and impactful work actually done by using a workflow to capture, process, prioritise and execute. You will discover how to:

  • Capture ‘all’ tasks and commitments
    • Get all open loops out of your head and reclaim your mind
  • Organise your work and stay on top of your projects and interests
    • Go from chaos to clarity
  • Prioritise important, high impact work with 5 powerful frameworks
    • Figure out what’s truly important.
  • Strategise for execution and getting work done
    • Finally finish those critical projects!
  • Block distractions and create focus
    • Supercharge your productivity and unlock your full potential.

The participants will end the workshop with a practical productivity framework which can substantially improve their productivity at work.

Personal productivity is the building block of all business profit. The two are inseparable. A business can’t have unproductive people yet magically still have an immensely profitable business. Great businesses are built one productive person at a time. And not surprisingly, the most productive people receive the greatest rewards from their businesses.”
– (By Gary Keller from
The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results)

About Nishant Kapoor

Nishant has been obsessed with productivity for his entire career. He’s applied and tested many productivity systems and tools over the last 10 years . He’s run multiple productivity workshops for senior executives and business owners.

Nishant is a qualified Chartered Accountant from E&Y, MBA from INSEAD and former ecommerce entrepreneur who built and exited two ecommerce start-ups. He is currently based in London and consults for Senior Executives and CEOs helping them and their teams be more productive and effective.

The Workshop

The workshop will be delivered online using Zoom.

It will run through 5 modules and will last approximately 2 hours. The format will be interactive format with participants encouraged to share their thoughts and questions at the end of each module.

At the end of the workshop the participants will receive:

  1. A Video Recording of the entire workshop
  2. All the workshop slides in pdf
  3. An ebook explaining the concepts covered in the workshop

Optional Add-on Module: 1-hour brainstorming session covering :

  1. Obstacles and challenges on implementing productivity best practices in your organisation
  2. Potential quick wins – Changes that can be made in the short term to yield productivity improvements in your team.


‘The thing I liked most about Nishant’s session was that productivity ended up having a higher purpose – to improve deep work. Previously, it has been positioned simply as being productivity for productivity’s sake. Ultimately, I don’t really connect with that. But the idea of reducing anxiety and increasing headspace to do deep work is really appealing for me.’
– Max Kelly, Senior Vice President Strategy at Techstars

‘Nishant has read all the Productivity books out there and distilled a compelling toolbox which he shared in a compelling presentation. He shared stories of his own productivity journey which made him super relatable. The ideas and concepts are explained clearly and actionable, breaking down some challenging barriers that I (and, I think, most of us) have to overcome. I would highly recommend Nishant to anyone seeking to accomplish more in their limited time.’
– Paul Twiney, Director at BiG Innovation Ltd

‘Nishant is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs and executives improve their work/life balance and get a lot more done at the same time. I would highly recommend his workshop.’
– Adhrita Nowrin, Managing Partner Avant Ventures Tech

‘Productivity lessons from Nishant have become my go to guide whenever I feel stuck.’
– Rajesh Bansal – CEO, Instaplay

‘Loved the workshop with Nishant, he brought great energy, enthusiasm and practical tips and tools to improve my productivity which is already making my life easier!’
– Phil Kemish, Co-founder & CEO of Reboxed and Host of The Brandtrepreneur Podcast

‘Nishant is a true productivity nerd. His productivity sessions have powerful content and ideas as well as relevant and actionable tips. The frameworks and specific action areas resonated with me very well and have been already implementing them at my day to day work. I sincerely believe that these techniques once implemented properly can deliver a lot of value. The app and system recommendations by Nishant in order to improve focus, prioritization, productivity, outcomes, and quality of life are highly relevant and useful as well.’
– Mahesh J Dumbre, Startup Investor | Ex Tata Group


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If you’d like to discuss how you could set up this workshop for your team please feel free to book a meeting with me here.